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Am I ADD, or What??

When I was in elementary school (back in the dark ages) I remember my parents talking to me about how it was okay to daydream occasionally because it helped us deal with stress, but that I couldn’t just sit and daydream all the time while I was in class.  I guess that was the first sign that I was ADD, but of course it wasn’t something that was diagnosed in the 1960’s.  By the time I got to high school I was pretty good at managing my ability to focus in class and managed to graduate and move on to college; of course I changed colleges three times and changed my major four times … but I got that coveted Bachelor’s degree.

Even though I’ve lived a pretty successful life up to this point, I am definitely one of those people who has trouble picking a direction and staying with it.  My very supportive husband of twenty-eight years has always enjoyed telling people, “Kim is on her [insert a number here] new career.”  I have been a secretary, waited tables, programmed and provided customer support for POS systems, and managed a restaurant.  I have also been an administrative professional, a high school computer lab monitor, a grad student, and finally a school library media specialist.   I think that education is the career that God has been calling me to since I was a child, and finally I’m listening!

Yep, everything definitly points to ADD … maybe that’s why I’m so in tune with Middle Schoolers!  =)


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